About NT Power

NT Power

Ontario’s Local Distribution Companies (“LDC”) are what keep us connected to the things
that matter most in our lives. The safe and reliable distribution of electricity is why we exist,
but it's not the whole story. The LDC industry is going through a once in lifetime
transformation. Customer focus, innovation and partnerships are leading utilities to create
a sustainable and vibrant future.

Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Ltd. (NT Power) is a local electricity distribution
company licensed by the Ontario Energy Board. NT Power is jointly owned by the
Municipalities of Newmarket (93%) and Tay (7%) serving 50,000 customers in the areas of
Newmarket, Tay and Midland.

With a focus on safe and reliable service to our customers, NT Power’s strategic direction is
to foster innovation and ultimately enable the communities we serve to become leading
Electric Cities, achieving or exceeding net zero carbon emissions targets and climate change goals.