Biennial Safety Survey

NT Power's biennial safety survey will be conducted during the first two weeks in June 2024. NT Power undertakes this survey of the public's awareness of electrical safety as part of our electricity distributor scorecard requirement. Oraclepoll is conducting this survey on behalf of NT Power. 

Some basic information will be requested to allow for demographic classification of responses. Customers are reminded that in an authentic NT Power survey, participants are never asked to divulge personal account information over the phone. The authorized representatives from the Oraclepoll will initially be confirming the customer’s town or city of residency, whether they receive service from NT Power and whether the number called is a land line or a cell phone before they commence the survey. At no time are NT Power customers asked to reveal their account number, details on their account or someone else’s, or asked for payment of arrears over the phone.

The survey is intended to measure the public's level of electrical safety knowledge. The results will help NT Power evaluate the effectiveness of their electrical safety programs which are dedicated to awareness and prevention of accidents involving electricity.

If you receive a call that you suspect is fraudulent, or should you have any questions, please contact us