Regulatory Documents

As a Local Distribution Company, NT Power is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) a crown corporation that is responsible for overseeing the province’s electricity and natural gas sectors and all of its participants. NT Power's rate applications must be approved through a complex hearing process from the OEB. The OEB also sets the prices for Regulated Price Plan time-of-use electricity rates and approves the rates for distribution/delivery and transmission. In short, they are the regulatory policy makers, and it is our job to inform you on our regulatory activities.

Decision and Rate Orders

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Decision and rate orders regarding Microfit:

NT Power Main Rate Zone

Former Midland Power Utility Rate Zone

Tariff of Rates and Charges effective May 1, 2023

NT Power Main Rate Zone   

Former Midland Power Utility Rate Zone

Ontario Energy Board Scorecard

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Ontario's Electricity Supply Mix 2022 Data 

Electricity Sources

 Ontario's Electricity Mix*

Nuclear Energy


Water Power


Natural Gas*




Solar PV




Other (Non-emitting)**


* Includes Lennox, dual fuel (natural gas/bioenergy) and non-contractied emitting generation consistent with IESO.

** Non-Contracted represents a variety of fuel types that the IESO is unable to categorize due to a lack of information from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).



1. Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.

2. Figures do not account for the sale and retirement of Clean Energy Credits (CECs)

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Application Archives

OEB Case Number

Applications For


May 1, 2024 IRM Rate Application

**Notice of Rate Hearing


May 1, 2023 IRM Rate Application


May 1, 2022 IRM Rate Application - Midland Rate Zone


May 1, 2022 IRM Rate Application - Newmarket/Tay Rate Zone


May 1, 2021 IRM Rate Application


Application for Electricity Distribution Licence Amendment


May 1, 2020 IRM Rate Application


May 1, 2019 IRM Rate Application


May 1, 2018 IRM Rate Application


MAAD Application for purchase of Midland Power Utility Corporation