Scam Alert

Published Date
Friday, August 12, 2022


NT Power customers have been receiving emails from a company based in Florida with a heading "Newmarket Power Alert". These emails are not affiliated with NT Power. Should you receive an email with this heading, please delete immediately.  Do not answer any questions within this email or click on any links within the email. This email is a scam. NT Power does not offer any rebates at the current time.


NT Power has been made aware of scammers calling our customers demanding payment and threatening disconnection. These calls are not from NT Power staff. NT Power never threatens immediate disconnection as we adhere to a strict procedure established by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). One of the requirements is 14 days notice must be provided to all customers before they can be disconnected. All the rules established by the OEB are listed on its website. Click here: Rules for electricity utilities | Ontario Energy Board (

If you receive a call, please hang up immediately and contact NT Power: Contact Us | NT Power

Scam Alert